7 things you need to know before going to Casino Barcelona

You can find casinos in all major Spanish cities, and Barcelona does not make an exception from the rule. The country’s second most populous municipality and the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Spain, Barcelona awaits you with several successful gambling units, and the best-known probably is Casino Barcelona. The casino is open 24 hours every day and offers gamblers from Spain and all over the world a huge variety of tables and slots, along with the beauty of a unique location. Keep on reading to find out what makes this place so special:

1. Every game you can think of

Being a major gambling venue, Casino Barcelona will definitely not disappoint you with its game offer. First of all, they have the main classic games, including French roulette, the most famous and spectacular form of roulette. One can also try their luck at American roulette, stud poker, blackjack, and North American Baccarat. Then you have the slots – what would casinos be without these machines holding gamblers stuck to their colorful screens and hoping for a profitable session? At Casino Barcelona you can try video multi-line wheel slots, video multi-game slots, video poker, multiplying wheel slots, multi-line wheel slots, I-table backjack, I-table ultimate Texas Hold’em, automatic roulette, easy poker, and I-roulette. If you are passionate about slots, one visit will not be enough to try all their toys!

Barcelona panorama

2. Try the online casino before going there

If you can’t get to Casino Barcelona any time soon, you can try their online casino, where a welcome coupon of 300 euros awaits you on the homepage. All kinds of games are available, including slots and live roulette. Not as fascinating as going to the physical location, but a good option if you can’t visit the casino any time soon.

French roulette

3. Poker tournaments

They say that “You haven’t won at Poker until you’ve won at Casino Barcelona” – and the casino’s website invites you to find a tournament and take part. Actually there is an event every day and you can see the tournament schedule for two weeks in advance.

4. Sport bets are a big part of Casino Barcelona gambling

The casino has a giant screen for watching sporting events, thus allowing clients to keep track of the most important. You can bet on more than 20 sports, including football, golf, snooker, darts, bicycle racing, tennis, and basketball. Both pre-game and live betting are available, and clients can place simple bets or opt for combo – placing bets on two or more sporting events. Of course, horses and greyhound races can’t miss from the casino’s betting offer – a new race is taking place every 5 minutes, taking you back to the old-time horse and dog racetracks of Great Britain at any moment of the day.

5. You can’t gamble on an empty stomach

The casino’s buffet is usually the first stop for customers when they feel hungry. The main attraction here is the show cooking – the development of more than thirty culinary specialties is a spectacle all the way. A wide selection of seafood is available and most dishes are seasonal and based on high-quality local products. During the summer clients can enjoy a Mediterranean buffet; however, the buffet is not open every day – you’ll have to come here on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to taste their mouth-watering dishes. More Mediterranean cuisine and wine tasting await customers at the Magnvm Restaurant, every day between 21:00 PM and 1:00 AM. Just to inform you on the most attractive assets of this restaurant, we’ll tell you that the chef, Juan Miguel López Nolla, is specialized in creative cuisine, and the restaurant’s name comes from magnum, the 1.5 litter wine bottle known for enabling slower aging and better conservation. The restaurant holds a large collection of magnums and the casino’s management has brought sommelier Joan Muñoz to make sure you enjoy every glass. If your appetite for wine tasting has suddenly opened after dining at Casino Barcelona, you can visit their wine cellar and savor the best wines, while also finding out interesting information about every sip you take. Eventually, those looking for a more exotic experience can go to Aji and have a taste of the Nikkei cuisine – developed by Japanese immigrants to Peru.

Nikkei people

6. Some of the best activities in Barcelona

You’ve had a delicious dinner, been pretty lucky with gambling, but feel like something is missing from your vacation? We recommend you to have a look at the Casino Barcelona’s events page. It’s impossible not to find something you will enjoy. Special dinners, comedy shows, concerts, flamenco, tango, dancing nights – all are reunited under the colorful and luxurious umbrella of Casino Barcelona. Those who would like a private celebration at the Cotton Club Lounge venue can request an estimate from the casino management. The lounge has a capacity of 300 people and can host banquets of up to 220 people. A program of dinners and live music is already set up, so you are the perfect host and ensure the entertainment of your guests. Showmen, magicians, and clowns can also be commissioned, and the cutting-edge audiovisual equipment will allow you to organize a perfect event, while also having a real taste of Barcelona nightlife.

Show cooking

7. A very popular place

The casino located on Carrer Marina 19-21 in Barcelona is considered excellent by 24% of its visitors and very good by 37% of those who have crossed its threshold (based on TripAdvisor reviews). Customers see it as a nice getaway for a couple of hours and are delighted with the large number of games available at Casino Barcelona. What people don’t expect, though, is its relatively small size, given that Barcelona is such a large city. The good news for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money is that some games allow you to start with as little as €0,50.
Although not the perfect location for all tastes, Casino Barcelona has some powerful assets to attract its clients with. The best seem to be the variety of games and the dining experience, including both Mediterranean and exotic dishes which are complemented by some of the best wines.

Casino Barcelona front view