9 things to know about Casino Torrequebrada of Málaga

The 70s may not have been the most glorious period in terms of architecture and fashion, but some of the stuff built almost half a century ago – when did time pass? – is still standing, and one of those things is the Torrequebrada Casino in Málaga, built in 1979. The venue is known for appearing in a very famous Spanish film, Torrente 2, and to say the truth, is quite ugly on the outside. But, once you get in, you’ll discover a very nice casino with a wide gambling offer and a restaurant serving delicious meals. Let’s see what Casino Torrequebrada of Malaga has to offer:

1. From the beach directly to the casino

The Torrequebrada Casino is located between Málaga and Marbella, in the municipality of Benalmádena Costa – this is in the heart of Costa del Sol, and close to the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport. The location is easy to reach and it also allows you to see other attractions nearby. So, if you are not lucky with gambling, at least you can find consolation on the sunny beaches near Málaga. On the other hand, if you have been successful and won a nice amount of money, you can spend it at a large shopping center 2 kilometers away – admit it, you’ll do that anyway if you get to the Torrequebrada Casino!

Casino interior

2. Be prepared for the access

Access requirements include being over 18 years old and presenting at the reception your ID or passport in original. Unlike other casinos, Torrequebrada Casino has a system of passes, from daily to yearly. A day pass will cost you €3, while a pass for all year is worth €75. The casino is open every day, except for December 24.

3. Table games and slot machines at their finest

Here you have access to a variety of games, including French and American roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and table poker. Slot machines could not miss from the landscape of Torrequebrada Casino – you will need to get a winning combination of symbols or figures to win. The betting range is very large – from 0.01€ to 200€. The payout is accumulated on the machine, which means that you don’t have to insert coins for every round. Those who like to take full advantage of this gambling style can have a try at the fixed JACKPOT machines. To be eligible you need to bet the maximum number of coins in a machine and if you win the staff will immediately attend you to award your prize.

4. Activities never miss from the offer of a good casino

Casino managers know that customers can’t just gamble and eat at the restaurant to no end – they also need to be entertained in order to keep them coming. Such a large casino as Torrequebrada couldn’t miss a wide range of activities, including: live music on Fridays and Saturdays at the Casino Restaurant, pigeon shooting championship, beauty pageants, culinary conferences, and summer balls.

5. A dinner at the restaurant is always welcome

Restaurants are some of the most important spaces in a casino, not only because people simply need to eat. These venues also meet other functions, such as providing entertainment, allowing people to socialize, and introducing them to new tastes and new cultures. The restaurant of the Torrequebrada Casino offers gourmet cuisine which will please the most demanding palates, making your visit to Costa del Sol memorable in any aspect possible. During weekend customers can listen to live piano, which is also available for special celebrations. The experience becomes complete by having a cocktail at the bar and hanging around or even dancing in the Fortuna Night Club. In just a few words, Torrequebrada Casino offers its customers all they need to have fun and spend an excellent time in the company of their friends.

Costa del Sol

6. From gambling straight to business

The casino’s offer for companies is quite generous. In the first place, customers can organize business meetings and professional events there. There are different halls, depending on your needs, and the capacity varies between 50 and 200 people. Included services are coffee-break, snack break, set menu, Spanish wine tasting, special event menus, and cocktails. Banquets are also being held at the Torrequebrada Casino, including open-bar parties. Customers are offered everything they need for a special party, including catering services and audiovisual equipment.

7. You can give it a try online first

Before getting to Costa del Sol, you can gamble at the Torrequebrada casino from the comfort of your home or literally from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection available. The online casino provides you with the same variety of games as the physical location and also offers you 10€ if you create an account.

8. Conquered by the beauty of the nearby beach? Book a room at the Torrequebrada Hotel!

Getting accommodation at the Casino’s Hotel is an excellent idea if you want to enjoy the beauty of Costa del Sol without needing to travel too much every day. Their 4-star hotel allows you to get directly to the beach while also attending all kinds of events and celebrations for your entertainment.

Málaga beach

9. Have a virtual tour!

The casino’s website invites you to a virtual tour of the facility here. However, before going to the Torrequebrada Casino you can also have a look at online reviews. The positive ones focus on the nice interior, the large number of tournaments, the good value of the bar and restaurant, the easy parking, seeing lots of famous people there, the nice atmosphere, and the variety of games. There are some less appreciative opinions, too, reminding the customer service and the not so appealing looks of the exterior.
All things considered, the Torrequebrada Casino is a good option if you are visiting Málaga due to its proximity to the beach and airport and large variety of games and services. The architecture of the casino may make you feel like you went back in time, but the services are up-to-date and the events taking place here will keep you entertained all night long!

Málaga aerial view