Gambling is a favourite activity of both locals and tourists, but the truth is people are more likely to spend their nights at a casino while travelling. If you are planning a vacation in Spain or are going there for business and looking for a way to relax in the evening, this website is the perfect guide for you. It will tell you where casinos are located, what kind of games and slot machines each unit has, what their dining options are, what kind of events are being organized there, and what rules you need to follow in order to be allowed in. Here is the complete list of casinos we have reviewed on this website:

  1. Casino de Madrid
  2. Casino Gran Madrid
  3. Casino Gran Via Madrid
  4. Casino Barcelona
  5. Casino Torrequebrada of Málaga
  6. Gran Casino Aljarafe Sevilla
  7. Casino Cirsa of Valencia
  8. Casino Zaragoza
  9. Gran Casino Bilbao
  10. Casino Mediterráneo Alicante

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No matter what part of Spain you are going, chances are you are quite close to one of the casinos presented on our website. The casinos we have selected are not just about gambling, there are other interesting aspects you can find out from our articles or by visiting those casinos:

  1. Casino de Madrid has a history of almost two centuries
  2. Most casinos are located in buildings with architectural and historical value
  3. At Casino de Madrid you also have access to a fully-equipped gym
  4. A group called Foro de Opinión del Casino de Madrid was established to create the cultural program of the casino
  5. A children’s party takes place at Casino de Madrid every year
  6. The restaurant of Casino de Madrid has been awarded two Michelin stars
  7. Blackjack is actually inspired by a game of Spanish origin, called “La Veintiuna”
  8. A large central screen four meters wide is placed in the middle of the Sports Bar at Casino Gran Madrid
  9. The history of Casino Gran Via Madrid starts in the 1920s
  10. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the two types of poker you can play at Casino Gran Via Madrid
  11. The main rooms of Casino Gran Via Madrid host a permanent photography collection revolving around historic themes
  12. The restaurant of Casino Barcelona holds a large collection of magnums (the 1.5 litter wine bottle known for enabling slower aging and better conservation)
  13. Casino Torrequebrada of Málaga is seen by most customers as ugly on the outside but nice on the inside
  14. The name of Gran Casino Aljarafe comes from the Aljarafe region, part of the Sevilla metropolitan area
  15. Casino Cirsa of Valencia has been described by customers as “Fabulous casino” or “One of the best in Spain”
  16. The machine room at Casino Zaragoza has a free tapas buffet service
  17. At Gran Casino Bilbao you have the opportunity to discover some less usual games, like Pai Gow Poker or No-Disc Poker
  18. Casino Mediterráneo Alicante is framed by the city’s marina and guarded by the Santa Barbara Castle
    We hope our reviews will be helpful for you and provide you with ideas on how to spend your vacation. So, where will you try your luck next?