Modern gambling, fine eating, and fabulous shows at the Casino Cirsa of Valencia

The Casino Cirsa of Valencia is one of the most famous in Spain, not only due to its location (Valencia is the third largest metropolitan area of Spain), but also due to its excellent services and entertainment options. Once online reviews describe it as “Fabulous casino” or “One of the best in Spain”, it’s obvious you become curious about this casino and feel like trying your luck there. If you are already considering a visit, the casino’s address is Avenida Corts Valencianes 59, 46015 Valencia, Spain, and it is open non-stop for people 18 and over. Let’s see what makes this casino so appreciated and widely-acclaimed:

A new casino

Tradition is not necessarily a condition for quality. Casino Cirsa was opened in August 2010 and is located opposite to the Valencia Conference Centre designed by architect Norman Foster. Many people who visit older casinos are bothered by the sometimes old-fashioned atmosphere and antiquated furniture, but this is not the case here. Moreover, the casino was built with environmental conservation in mind, as energy saving and sustainable development have played an important role in the construction of Casino Cirsa.

Casino Cirsa front view

There is big business behind the Cirsa brand

Cirsa comes from Cirsa Gaming Corporation, which is a world leader in gaming. The company holds 34 traditional casinos, 89 electronic casinos, 190 gaming halls, 91 sports betting shops, 90 bingo halls, and 62,000 slot machines – pretty impressive. Furthermore, Cirsa belongs to Nortia Coporation, mainly involved with hotels and corporate aviation.

All the games you love

At Casino Cirsa Valencia you’ll have access to all the games that draw people to casinos, including game tables and slot machines. An impressive number of 116 slot machines is available at this casino, with last-minute features like adjustable height, lumbar support in the backrest, footrests, ergonomic seats, and the possibility to customize lights and temperature – the question is – will you be able to stop gambling? If you want to socialize a bit, you can opt for gaming tables (14 different games are offered, including roulette, Caribbean poker, blackjack, and Texas Hold’em poker. Customers can choose between the fun and elite area, depending on their preferences and level of expertise.

Casino Cirsa terrace

A casino open to all kinds of private events

Casino Cirsa Valencia presents itself as a leader in organizing private events, able to make celebrations a special day for every person attending the event. One type of events is represented by weddings, baptisms, and communions, for which the casino provides a private hall and two terraces, and the other type consists of parties and birthdays. The services provided to party and celebration attendants are truly special: secure parking, gastronomic advising, menu tasting, baby sitter, wedding planner, extras and shows, and special customization.


Gambling responsibly

An interesting fact you’ll notice at the Casino Cirsa if you look at its website is their campaign for responsible gambling. The casino encourages customers who gamble for fun and as a planned leisure option, instead of people who don’t know when to stop. According to the casino website, some warning signs telling you have a gambling problem are ruining your career because of games, trying to recover losses by playing more, feeling depressed because of the game, or borrowing or stealing money to play. Those who feel they are addicted to gambling are advised to ask for advice from a counselor or from the Association of Anonymous Players of Spain.

Excellent dining options

The Casino Cirsa has a 24H restaurant and a buffet for those who get hungry gambling or are simply looking for a place to relax and socialize. Entertainment is always on the agenda of Casino Cirsa restaurants, with events such as gastronomic days, cabaret, and free breakfast. More events take place in the other spaces of the casino, including live music, stand-up comedy, dinner shows, and casino concerts. The idea is to provide an activity for each customer – the wide range of leisure activities is united under the slogan “The Colour of The City”.

Casino Cirsa Restaurant

Easy access to service through an online shop

Those who want to book casino services in advance can easily do it by purchasing tickets on the casino’s online shop. Prices range between 7 and 50 euros, and customers can have their tickets in advance, which is great if you don’t live in Valencia and actually want to visit the Casino Cirsa in your vacation.

Special services

Would you like to enjoy a unique experience at the Casino Cirsa Valencia? Consider their casino experience services, such as incentives (a poker baptism with real croupiers consisting of a theoretical explanation of the game and the participation of all attendees all the time), networking (using poker as a way to establish personal and professional relations by changing tables with other attendees), and teambuilding (company training sessions related to poker).

Casino Cirsa became widely appreciated after less than 7 years of activity

Based on online reviews, Casino Cirsa Valencia is a favorite of many locals and tourists. The unit has a certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor, and it has been reviewed positively by more than 100 customers. The strongest points of the Casino Cirsa Valencia include the fact that the staff speaks excellent English, the professional manner of dealers, the pleasant ambience, and the gourmet cuisine. Those who have visited the largest casino in Valencia say they’ve had an great evening and were pleased with the excellent value of the casino’s restaurant.
Although quite young, Casino Cirsa Valencia has an extremely powerful corporation at its base, which has allowed the unit to become successful in a short time. Some of the most impressive aspects about this casino are the large number of slot machines, the excellent service, the delicious dishes, and the possibility to organize a truly special business event there. The casino is strongly rooted in modernity, with its computerized games and online shopping facility. It doesn’t matter if you are a gambler or not – if you are visiting Valencia and are looking for entertainment, Casino Cirsa is a good place to start.

Casino Cirsa Valencia