15 things to do at Casino Gran Madrid

Looking for the perfect spot to place your bets in Madrid, Spain? Then make a stop on Paseo de Recoletos, 37 – 41, and visit one of the best-known and successful casinos in the capital of Spain, Casino Gran Madrid. You’ll discover that gambling is not the only pastime activity here – customers can also enjoy a delicious dinner and hold their business meetings in the spacious casino centers located on Torrelodones and Colón. So here are the 15 things to do at the Casino Gran Madrid Columbus:

1. Visit the casino’s original location in Torrelodones

The address is Autovia A6 (Madrid- A Coruna) Salida 29, 28250 Torrelodones . It’s good to know you can get there by using a premium bus service provided by the casino itself. The travel is for free on Fridays and Saturdays. Departure hours are 20:30 and 23:30PM from the Colón branch, and you can leave the casino at 2:00 and 4:00AM.


2. Visit the new location in Colón

If the original location is a bit more difficult to reach, the Colón branch is right down-town, on Paseo de Recoletos, 41 (Plaza de Colón). If you like what you see here, you can also make the effort of reaching the Torrelodones casino.

3. Be prepared to enter

The casino staff will require you to present your ID or driving license if you are a citizen of the European Union, and your passport if you are a non-EU citizen. The dress-code is relaxed but if you wear short pants, make sure they are knee-length; tank tops are prohibited. Only people 18 and over are accepted. Avoid backpacks or other bulky items like motorcycle helmets if you want to be allowed in.

4. Play classical table games, everyone’s favorite

At the Casino Gran Madrid you will find all the classical games that everybody loves: roulette, blackjack, poker counterpart, and point and bank. The casino takes pride in reminding customers that blackjack is actually inspired by a game of Spanish origin, called “La Veintiuna”. The game is actually very old, and it has been mentioned in Miguel de Cervantes’ work in the 1600s – what better place to try your luck at blackjack than Spain, right?

Casino Gran Madrid interior

5. Try your luck at gambling machines

From traditional machines to the latest innovations in the field, at Casino Gran Madrid you can try a variety of electronic games, such as video poker, electronic poker, keno, electronic roulette, and video roller.

Poker room

6. Experience something new: electronic tables

Options include i-blackjack and Poker Ultimate Texas Holdem. Classical games are taken to a superior and more dynamic level due to new technology.

7. Make a fictional trip to Asia by having dinner at the Mandarin restaurant (Colón)

Imagine the culinary tradition of China, Japan, and Thailand, and take the high-quality Spanish products to obtain a new experience. At the sushi bar you can both taste and watch the chef’s elaborations.

8. Have a casual meal at Bond Bar (Colón)

Looking for something light and more familiar to your taste? The gastronomic offer of the Bond Bar is complementary to the Mandarin offer – and the name does come from James Bond. The space is decorated in a style that reminds patrons of the famous secret agent movies.

9. Try a rum cocktail at the Rhum Rhum Bar (Colón)

What would going out be without a drink? At the Rhum Rhum Bar, the space is covered with rough stones and visitors can enjoy rum cocktails and cold dishes. All drinks served here can be combined with a rum base: coco-loco, piña colada, pure life, mojito, and strawberry mojito.


10. Find the perfect place for your corporate functions (Colón)

More than 1000 square meters of the Casino Gran Madrid Colón are dedicated to events like business meetings, corporate parties, and product presentations. Customers can choose between the White Room of 65 square meters for celebrations for up to 30 people and the Green Room for events hosting between 80 and 100 people. The casino collaborates with award-winning external catering services, thus making your organization work far easier.

11. An exquisite experience at L’Étoile (Torrelodones)

The restaurant is open between 21:00 and 02:00 every day, making it the perfect go-to place for dinner. The cuisine is select and will please the most demanding customers. Restaurant L’Étoile has a direct view towards the French Room and the menu is updated every season. Here you can also celebrate your birthday with friends of family – from the day before your birthday to up to six days later, the people at your table will be served with cake and champagne. You need to bring with you a minimum of four people in order to enjoy this offer.

Casino Gran Madrid at night

12. Have a quick and fulfilling meal at The Summit Buffet (Torrelodones)

For just €29, you can choose between 40 different dishes on Friday and Saturday at the casino’s buffet. And you will also have an extra reason to keep gambling, as with your dinner you will receive a promotional ticket of €5 to play at the casino’s machines.

13. Choose Mandalay for your event (Torrelodones)

Organizing a large event? Mandalay may be just the right choice for your needs. The excellent gastronomy is completed by the vintage New York aesthetics and the spacious dance floor in the center of the restaurant. You can’t go wrong with this option!

14. Watch sporting events at the Sports Bar (Torrelodones)

A large central screen four meters wide is placed in the middle of the Sports Bar, allowing you to see any sporting event as if you were right in the middle of the action. You won’t get hungry, either, but the dining options are more suited to this kind of location: sandwiches, tapas, salads, hamburgers, toasts, and desserts.

Sports Bar

15. Select the experience pack that suits your needs

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for the Casino Party pack (€41 per person), Couple of Diamonds pack (€125 per couple), Jocker Master pack (€200 for 10 people at the table), Royal Flush pack (€775 for 10 people at the table), and Casino Gala pack (€130 per couple). These packs make it a lot simpler to organize your visit at the Casino Gran Madrid – all you need to do is enjoy the experience!