Casino de Madrid – a place of culture and socialization

Are you a gambler and a person passionate about Spanish culture at the same time? Then visiting the Casino de Madrid is a must the next time you reach the Iberian Peninsula. Located in Calle Alcalá 15, the monument has been declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1993. But its history is much longer – keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about this landmark:

It’s a place almost two centuries old

In 1836 a group of romantic and progressive young people decided to spend their time in a nice and quiet place rather than being tormented by political exaltation – this was the first step towards building what today is Casino de Madrid.

A landmark for history and architecture lovers

The headquarters of Casino de Madrid are located in a building with high architectural and historical value, right in the heart of the capital. More than 12,000 square meters will give you the space needed to gamble but also to admire amazing architecture and workmanship.

Casino de Madrid is considered one of the best clubs in Europe

Club members enjoy a range of privileges and the board is known for its efforts to provide the best service to its members.

It’s not just about gambling

The Casino de Madrid is also home to cultural and social activities being organized regularly (conferences, tours, tournaments, concerts, balls, parties, and dinners). Here you can go to a wellness center where you have the possibility to exercise, swim, or just relax in the pool; those who enjoy reading are invited to visit the library and the lecture hall; and the Conde de Malladas bar, built and decorated in English style, is open to anyone looking to have a drink and socialize in a pleasant environment. The Billiards Room hosts various games, from billiards to bridge and domino. Those who prefer to spend time outdoors are invited to the golf course called Club de Golf de Retamares, with a perfect design and a surface of 750,000 square meters; the golf course was improved in 2007 with the purpose of making it one of the best in the world.

Casino de Madrid outside view

Culture is an important part of Casino de Madrid

As part of its aim to provide club members and guests with an exclusivist meeting place, the Casino de Madrid is hosting cultural activities on a regular basis. But who decides what cultural acts take place at the casino? In 1995 a group called Foro de Opinión del Casino de Madrid was established – its members come from various fields and each one advocates for their ideas, thus creating the cultural program of the Casino. The key to success, for this group, is considered to be diversity – various themes are combined by relevant and well-known names of the Spanish culture. As a result, Casino de Madrid provides a space of mutual knowledge and expression, respectful of all ideas – finally, a space of freedom.

Casino de Madrid interior

Music plays a vital role at the Casino de Madrid

Out of all the cultural activities taking place at the Casino de Madrid, music is the most prominent. The leading event is Ciclos Musicales which started in 1996 and were created by the then-president of the Casino, D. Manuel García-Miranda y Rivas. 21 years have passed since the first concert, held by Orquesta de Cámara Villa de Madrid, under the direction of Mercedes Padilla. The first play interpreted in the musical cycles at the Casino was “Amor Brujo” by Manuel de Falla. Since then, many other artists have performed on Calle Alcalá 15, and multiple music genres have been enjoyed here by casino visitors.

Casino de Madrid interior

A place of new friendships

The rich social life is the other pole of the Casino de Madrid – the management of the casino encourages people to form new friendships based on common tastes, ideals, and hobbies. For this purpose, events such as parties, travels, and tours are organized on a regular basis. In 2011, when the Casino de Madrid celebrated 175 years of history, the board of directors decided to create a new tradition of parties at the casino – and the best-known event must be the carnival, since the elegant setting of the Casino was perfect for exclusivist carnivals. The Casino is an active place for the rest of the year as well, due to events like Velada Premios Taurinos, Cenas Primavera-Verano, Fiesta de la Luna, Fiesta Fin de Curso Baile, Cena Aniversario, and Fiesta de los Niños (Children’s Party) – probably the most colorful and expected party of the year.

Casino de Madrid interior

And when you get hungry…

… you go to Terraza del Casino and have dinner. The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars and will satisfy the most exquisite tastes. 45 people can eat here at the same time and enjoy the wonderful mix of flavors and textures. The menu has been established after months and months of tests and elaboration and continues to be updated to this day. There is also another restaurant, El Restaurante Recoletos, which is reserved to club members and their guests.

Keeping in touch and being up-to-date with casino events

If you have the chance to visit Casino de Madrid often or you are a resident of the capital of Spain, you’ll probably be interested in the Casino’s magazine. A new issue is launched every season, and common topics are Casino events, attractions in Spain, and the Casino’s society.

Excellent customer reviews

How can you go to a new place unless you are sure other people have enjoyed it as well? The Casino de Madrid scores 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor, based on 99 reviews, as of June 2017, and 49% of reviewers have considered the place excellent, while 34% have rated it as very good. Some of the best points highlighted by customers were the excellent organization, the very good service, the delicious food, and the overall atmosphere.
We have chosen Casino de Madrid to be the first casino presented in our series due to its fabulous architecture, long history, and huge variety of services and events. This is one place you can’t miss if you visit Spain or live in its capital, whether you are looking for the perfect location for a business meeting or you simply want to relax.