9 things you need to know about Gran Casino Bilbao

Bilbao is the tenth largest city in Spain, and the capital of the autonomous Basque Country. It is one of the oldest cities of the Iberian Peninsula, founded in 1300, and its history along with the natural beauty of the area attracts a large number of tourists. People from all over the world come here to visit attractions such as Plaza Nueva, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, and the 165 m high Iberdrola Tower.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

When it comes to entertainment, one of the best options is represented by Gran Casino Bilbao. The possibility of winning money through gambling is definitely one of the reasons why gamblers come here, but the cultural and social part of this place is also strongly developed. Here are the main facts you need to know before visiting Gran Casino Bilbao:

1. The first visit is a piece of cake

Gran Casino Bilbao is easy to locate – it is found in the center of the city, on one of the main arteries (Alameda Urquijo). The casino occupies the space of the former Coliseo Albia Theater, whose appearance has been carefully restored. Gran Casino Bilbao is open every day, except for December 24. In order to access the casino, you’ll need to be 18 or above and to have your ID, passport, or driving license with you. There’s one thing you need to know if you are superstitious: Gran Casino Bilbao is located at number 13!

Gran Casino Bilbao façade

2. A generous space

Just the game room covers more than 500 square meters, and tournaments are held in a private room of 200 square meters with independent entrance. The casino has two floors, where it hosts facilities such as game, catering, gastronomy, and events.

Gran Casino Bilbao entry

3. An excellent game room

The game room provides tables for classical games, like American roulette, blackjack, and poker Texas Hold’em, but here you also have the chance of discovering some less usual games, like Pai Gow Poker or No-Disc Poker. From the game room you have easy access to the slot machine room, to the bar, and to the VIP space.

4. Experienced gamblers are invited to the annual slot machine championship

This competition takes place in the first three months of each year, and a maximum of 50 gamblers can participate. The first prize is worth €300. Championship regulations are available on the casino’s website.

5. Discover the poker events organized by Gran Casino Bilbao

Poker Texas Hold’em events are taking place every week, and the Luckia Poker Festival is organized here every month. Winners win a ticket to the Mallorca final.

Bilbao piazza

6. A spectacular restaurant

The Sustraiak Restaurant at Gran Casino Bilbao is located on the first floor; the food prepared here carries the signature of Basque chef Oskar Rodriguez Edroso, whose dishes will definitely surprise you. Oskar Rodriguez Edroso has a long experience in the field, and has been a chef in many prestigious restaurants and high-end hotels across Spain. He has also been awarded in numerous cooking contests and has completed his studies at the School of Hospitality in Galdakao. The dishes you’ll enjoy here are distinguished through their quality of preserving the identity of fresh produce and the innovative ingredient combinations.

7. An improved casino bar

The bar is to be renovated in the summer of 2017 – the casino management aims to improve its bar facilities and quality of service. The terrace will continue to be closed, but this doesn’t mean you cannot currently have a drink at Gran Casino Bilbao – cocktails, wine, beer, and other drinks along with appetizers can be enjoyed inside the establishment. If you like sports betting, the wait will be worth, because in the renovated bar you will be able to watch live competitions and bet on sports and horse rides.

8. Fun is ensured with the events organized by Gran Casino Bilbao

At least a major event takes place every month at Gran Casino Bilbao. The last events organized here include monologues, a Mexican night, a spring party, St. Patrick’s Day, and an Oscar awards party. Casinos can easily become a place of culture and socialization, and events like parties, shows, and carnivals help ensuring a loyal base of customers while also attracting new ones.

9. A large number of positive reviews

Most people who have been to Gran Casino Bilbao seem to have enjoyed their visit, or at least this is what Google reviews suggest:
• “Nice casino”
• “Very nice and fun. I will be back.”
• “A place with a good atmosphere and certain bonuses for the first few times that you visit.”
• “It’s not very big but has plenty of game options. The bar is cheap for a casino and is open until late in the morning. This hotel is a great choice for those looking to spend the night outside their homes. One of the best features is the promotion entry, you can pay 8 euros and you get 5 euros to play and drink. This really helps you enjoy your visit. Without forgetting 5 euros you get the first time you enter.”
• “A casino not very big but enough for a nice time. The day I was there, there was a 5 euro gift promotion to play if it was your first visit, something to be grateful for in this kind of places. It has the typical casino games, both tables and machines. Very friendly staff, always willing to help.”
• “New Bilbao casino. Modern and beautiful. Ideal for a pleasant time.”
Now it’s your turn to visit Gran Casino Bilbao and judge for yourself. In spite of a few negative opinions from customers, the casino seems to be a favorite of locals and not one of those places where only tourists go because they won’t come the second time anyway. The casino management has been working diligently to ensure a pleasant gambling experience, mixed with fine dining and quality entertainment. The promotions offered to first-time visitors are also a good reason to go there. And, no matter how rich or poor you are at the end of the evening, there’s a walk in the center of Bilbao available for those who want to relax.